Croatian Flipbook is a small booklet of 70 pages with drawings. When you flip the pages between thumb and forefinger, you create an animation!
Our version of the flipbook is 11 by 6 cm. It can fit in every pocket.
You can practise your animation skills by drawing on back side of flipbooks.
Children can enjoy flipbooks as coloring books.

Flipbooks - Dalmatian Summer (pack of 3)
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Croatian Flipbook

Rock Jump
A refreshing jump into the pleasant salty sea. The specificity of southern Dalmatia is in the many natural beaches without constructions and buildings. By exploring you can find small sunbathing coves, rocks for jumping, pine groves to relax. You just need to go…

Plavac Mali
A bunch of vine “Plavac mali” turns into the top quality red wine. The wine of Pelješac vineyards is known in the world for its aroma and quality. The southern part of Peljesac offers spectacular views of the endless Adriatic Sea. And wine tastings and restaurants guarantee unforgettable memories.

Karaka Dubrovnik
If you visit any part of Dubrovnik you will not go wrong. Everything is steeped in history and architecture. Riding a replica of the Karaka ship is an unforgettable experience, briefly dating back to the 14th century.

Flipbooks - Zagreb Beauties (pack of 4)
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Croatian Flipbooks

Meštrović's pavilion - a pearl of architecture 
It houses the HDLU office, and exhibitions of contemporary artists are organized throughout the year in unique “barrel” and “ring” halls. This flipbook was created frame by frame by the method of photography. Attention should be paid to the movement of shadows, clouds and surrounding buildings. The building is normally white, but you can paint it in any color!

Lake Jarun - a place for many sports activities
There is canoe training in the lake, and in the background cyclists are moving along the path around the lake. A simple black and white drawing is ideal for coloring.

Funicular - connects the Lower and Upper Town
If you are in Zagreb, you must visit the funicular. It’s nice to climb the stairs next to the funicular or take a ride. The flipbook is animated in the classic way by drawing, with a bit of hatching. If you are interested in the right colors, remember or check orignals online.

Advent - Christmas celebrations all over the city
This filpbook shows Tomislav Square during Advent (four Saturdays in December) with a large ice rink is set up. The animation of this is specific in that the background is black and the objects and people are white. Of course, it's snowing too. You need to focus quite a bit on individual small figures of people to notice their movement. Cars pass slowly on both sides of the road.

Croatian Flipbooks